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10.000 Facts about Beautiful Bolivia! is the world's top searched website for verified facts about Bolivia in English. In 2007 the owner of, an American who has been living in Bolivia since the 1970's, started out on a mission to create a website that carefully and responsibly provides information which travelers, volunteers, exchange students, expatriates, business people and future residents of Bolivia can trust. Begin by using the menu on your left.

We now offer dozens of Bolivia travel forums and hundreds of pages of straight-forward, first-hand, personally gathered information about Bolivia. Use our forums and other site tools to ask questions or help us accomplish our goal of offering only top-quality, first-hand Bolivia travel information by posting your own Bolivia travel stories, Bolivia travel tips, and photos.

You will find tourist attractions in Bolivia where we and other travelers have actually visited, cities in which we've lived and worked, real stories by Bolivia tourists, volunteers, students, expats, and Bolivians eager to share amazing facts about Bolivia with you. We share only first-hand information and we work to continue growing as the world's most trustworthy source of information about Bolivia in English.

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Here's Why BoliviaBella is Different

Hi. I wanted to tell you why I build this website for you. My family moved to Bolivia when I was just 9 years old, after having first lived in Ecuador for several years. Since then, my life has been a revolving door between North and South America, with stints in Scandinavia and Europe as well. Beautiful Bolivia is still a mystery to the outside world in so many ways and everywhere I've lived and worked I am inundated with questions about it. I love sharing but there is just so much I could tell you about this country that I love. So in 2007 I decided to put everything I know out there for the world to see, no holds barred.

There are two things that differentiate from other Bolivia websites. Firstly, even though I grew up in La Paz, I began by covering Bolivia from East to West. Most of the information you'll find about Bolivia on other websites covers Western Bolivia, the Andean cultures and tourist attractions. When I began, very little was known about Beni, Tarija or USA 1920 Washington 2¢ Perf 11x11 Offset Type Va Scott 528 Plate Block MNH K336, where I moved in 1997, or Bolivia's 34 other native cultures.

Secondly, almost all websites about Bolivia focus exclusively on tourism. But the vast majority of questions I get about Bolivia are from people who want to know what it's like to live, work or retire here, and how to get a visa, apply for residency, buy a house, or find a job or a school for their children. I quickly realized that type of information about Bolivia was not being provided anywhere else. So I began with that.

Having moved several dozen times myself, I know what it's like to go somewhere I know nothing about, to not know what to take with me, to cry as I say goodbye to people I love, to always be the new kid in school, to have to learn a new language, to hate being dependent on others for the smallest things, to be afraid I'll not make it on my own, to sometimes feel isolated, to feel frustrated in a country where things don't always happen as quickly as I'd like them to. Yes, it's hard! But...

I also know the joy of having friends on every continent of the world, the excitement I've learned to replace my fear with, the confidence I've grown into, and the fun of creating unforgettable memories with my son as we explore new places to share about with you. That's why it became so important to me, as we share facts about Bolivia with you, that we write about places we have actually been to and that our website feel personal and be trustworthy for you. Over time, we've been able to add the stories of other expats, volunteers, and tourists with the hope that this will enrich your experience.

So whether you plan to tour Bolivia, do business in Bolivia, or immigrate to Bolivia, or you're just looking up facts about Bolivia for a school report, as you explore the pages of our website, which now number in the thousands, if you have questions, ask them in our forums. If you find outdated facts or information, please let us know so we can correct it. And if you have answers that could benefit others about living, working or MRC RB-465 AC/DC Quick Charger 1200 mAH 7.2 Volt for RC Vehicles in Bolivia, please pay it forward and help us to continue building the most authentic website about Bolivia. And here's HOW I build this website.

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